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Ranged DPS

General Description[]

Ranger is a playable class focused on dealing ranged Physical damage.

Ranger face.jpg

Rangers are no mere marksmen. Where others in the world take up their bows to hunt for their food or to defend their homes, Rangers have transformed the craft of rangery into an art. To achieve the title of ‘Ranger’ requires an aspirant to train their aim for years while surviving dangerous challenges in order to perfect agility and precision.

Few are capable or determined enough to surpass the trials of the Ranger, but those that do stand as true masters of the bow, unprecedented and unequaled. Capable of using complex gadgetry in the form of lethal explosives and mechanical traps, there is no prey that may escape the guile and scrutiny of a Ranger’s eye. Or their arrow.


Rangers utilise focus. This is a resource which starts at the maximum of 100 and can be spent / gained through various abilities.

Rangers rely heavily on focus for both damage and crowd control so correct management of how much is being spent versus gained is vital for success.

Typical ways of gaining focus are:

  • Hunting Shot (Up to 20 focus)
  • Swift Strike (10 focus)
  • Concentration (passive 10 focus per second).

Main Class Passive[]

RavenPic.png Ravenfeather Cloak - Slows your falling speed by 50%. Can be activated with [Space] while airborne. (Instant - 5 second cooldown)Raven feather .png

Baseline Abilities[]

Hunting Shot.png Hunting Shot - Basic attack that deals up to 600 Physical damage and generates up to 20 Focus to depending on how long you hold. | Cooldown: 0 sec

Ricochet.png Ricochet - Shoots an enhanced arrow that deals 300 Physical damage and ricochets to another enemy up to 2 times when hitting an enemy, ground or an object. Each bounce deals 35% less damage. | Cooldown: 0 sec

EvasionPic.png Evasion - Activate to swiftly evade any attack for 0.6 seconds. If an ability is successfully evaded, your damage taken decreases by 35% for 3 seconds and cooldown is reduced by 3 seconds. | Cooldown: 10 sec

Swift Strike.png Swift Strike - Deals 1000 Physical damage and slows enemies by 30% for 3 seconds, increasing your movement speed by 30% for 3 seconds. | Cooldown: 5 sec

Explosive Shot.png Explosive Shot - Shoots an arrow that has a dynamite attached to it, the initial arrow itself deals 200 Physical damage and 2 seconds after the shot lands on an enemy or an object, it explodes to deal 400 Fire damage to every enemy nearby, stunning them for 1 second and catching enemies with Sticky Tar debuff on fire for 90 Fire damage every 1 sec. | Cooldown: 6 sec

Bouncing Leap.png Bouncing Leap - Leaps forward. When colliding with an enemy, interrupts any spellcast or protection effect such as block, parry, deflection, evasion and slowing enemy movement speed by 35% for 4 seconds. | Cooldown: 10 sec

Tar Blast.png Tar Blast - Throws a bomb of compressed tar towards the targeted location. Enemies affected by the blast or walk in the Tar receives physical Sticky Tar debuff for 8 seconds seconds which reduces movement speed and causes any fire damage to set the debuffed target on fire for 90 Fire damage every 1 sec.| Cooldown: 15 sec


Poison Spikes.png Poison Spikes - Your arrows and Swift Strike apply a poison which deals 600 Poison damage over 12 sec. Swift Strike can stack this effect up to 3 times.

Concentration.png Concentration - You passively regenerate 10 Focus per second.

Ricochet.png Overwhelming Shots - Your shots slow enemies by 15% and increase damage they take from your shots by 15%, stacking up to 3 times. Lasts 3 seconds.

Tech Advancement.png Tech Advancement - Increases your Fire damage by 70%. Reduces Explosive Shot and Tar Blast cooldowns by 15%. Tar now slows even when on fire.

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.png Improvise, Adapt, Overcome - Evasion restores 5% health. Successfully avoiding a crowd control effect with Evasion additionally heals you for 2% of your health and reduces its cooldown by 1 seconds for each second of the avoided effect. Additionally, you deal up to 20% bonus damage to and take up to 20% less damage from enemies with lower health percentage than you, depending on the difference.

Careful Planning.png Careful Planning - Successfully dealing damage with a focus-generating ability increases the damage of your next focus-spending ability by 15%, stacking up to 4 times.

Prime skills[]

Aimed Shot.png Aimed Shot - Delivers a carefully aimed shot from afar, dealing 1000 Physical damage and increasing the damage of your shots by 15% for 3 seconds. | Cooldown: 10 sec

Quick Hunt.png Quick Hunt - Increases your movement speed and swiftness by 20% and causes you to regenerate 15 focus per second for 10 seconds. Your allies within 20 meters receive half of the movement speed and swiftness bonus. | Cooldown: 24 sec

Ranger's Net.png Ranger's Net - Throws a net, immobilizing an enemy for 2 seconds. | Cooldown: 13 sec

Rope Shot.png Rope Shot - The ranger shoots an arrow that has a rope attached on it and then quickly propel herself to it. | Cooldown: 20 sec

Rain of Arrows.png Rain of Arrows - Showers the targeted area with a swarm of enhanced arrows that deal 150 Physical damage each. Enemies struck will immobilized for 1 second. | Cooldown: 20 sec

Tech Advancement.png Tactical Bomb - Throws a bomb that deals 600 Fire damage, stunning the enemies hit for 2.5 seconds as well as catching enemies with Sticky Tar debuff on fire for 90 Fire damage every 1 sec. | Cooldown: 30 sec


1. Amulet of Endurance: .
2. Runic Bandage: .
3. Amulet of Healing: .
4. Revival: .

Tips and Tricks[]

- Overall Ranger is a really agressive class, it excels at pressuring the opponent and dictating the pace of the match, keep that in mind

- Poison Spikes.png Poison Spikes are very important for your overall DPS and pressure, try to apply and maintain three stacks whenever possible

- When disrupting or engaging an enemy with Bouncing Leap.png Bouncing Leap, youre still able to perform abilities. Use that to your advantage and apply a free stack of poison with your Swift Strike.png Swift Strike or start a combo with your Explosive Shot.png Explosive Shot

- Whenever your opponent casts any kind of ability and is unable to move for a short period of time, thats your chance to apply a free Explosive Shot.png Explosive Shot + Hunting Shot.png Hunting Shot "combo"

- After hitting an Explosive Shot.png Explosive Shot you have 2 seconds time until it detonates. Use that time to apply additional debuffs like Tar Blast.png Tar Blast or to set up a Tech Advancement.png Tactical Bomb

- Your passive RavenPic.png Ravenfeather Cloak allows you to extend your time in Bouncing Leap.png Bouncing Leap dramatically. At first it is a little bit tricky to get comfortable with, but this is your main tool for movement, repositioning and even dodging, so try to get a "good feel" for it

- Proper EvasionPic.png Evasion usage is what makes or breaks a Ranger, try to always be aware of how the opponent is going to engage you and react accordingly

Example Build 1[]

Generic 1v1 Build:

Tech Advancement.png Tech Advancement

Improvise, Adapt, Overcome.png Improvise, Adapt, Overcome - Evasion

Poison Spikes.png Poison Spikes

Ranger's Net.png Ranger's Net

Tech Advancement.png Tactical Bomb

Quick Hunt.png Quick Hunt

Last spot for prime-skills is very flexible. Rain of Arrows.png Rain of Arrows for additional combo potential is a viable choice, aswell as Rope Shot.png Rope Shot if that fits your style of play better than Quick Hunt.png Quick Hunt

Example Build 2[]

Beginner friendly 2v2 build:

Ricochet.png Overwhelming Shots

Poison Spikes.png Poison Spikes

Concentration.png Concentration

Tech Advancement.png Tactical Bomb

Quick Hunt.png Quick Hunt

Rain of Arrows.png Rain of Arrows


Against a Cleric[]

The only way to defeat clerics is to constantly pressure them. Clerics are usually trying to win the long game, so you should try to deny that. Try to bait huge cooldowns like Sanctuary and punish afterwards. Clerics have no good movement tool and we have plenty of good options to exploit that. Be on the lookout for interrupts on Divine Prayer or Grace and keep the pressure up.

Against a Judicator[]

Pretty similiar style to how you should play against Clerics: you must keep the pressure up all the time. Try to safe your EvasionPic.png Evasion for Sacred Lightning or disengaging when the Judicator dashes in and reengage right afterwards. Be aware of Avenging Flames and do not hit the Judicator while it is active. Other than that Judicator has pretty average mobility, so you should have an easy time pressuring him with Explosive Shot.png Explosive Shot, Hunting Shot.png Hunting Shot etc.

Against an Outlaw[]

The Outlaw matchup is a little bit tricky. First of all you should always start the round as far out in the arena as possible, with your back to the wall and a burning Tar Blast.png Tar Blast below you. After you escaped his first engage, try to bait out their Roll and punish heavily afterwards. Many Outlaws can kill you cleanly in two rotations, so you will need to kill them while you can. Poison Spikes.png Poison Spikes play a huge part in this matchup aswell because they keep the Outlaw out of stealth. If you have the option, always go Revival against Outlaws.

Against a Ranger[]

Ranger mirrors are really hard to play as a beginner. Generally the one who is pressuring his opponent, is the one who has more space to move around and has an easier time hitting their skills. This is very generic and applies to most of the matchups, but try to always keep the upper hand and predict how your opponent is going to move. Ranger mirrors tend to have a really strong "domino-effect" meaning the one who gets a small lead early, mostly wins the game. Save your EvasionPic.png Evasion to predict Swift Strike.png Swift Strike and to dodge the detonations of Explosive Shot.png Explosive Shot or Tech Advancement.png Tactical Bomb .

Against a Warrior[]

Warriors are mostly going to dive you and trying to stick on you afterwards. Your job is it to keep them away while keeping constant damage up. EvasionPic.png Evasion is a great tool to dodge their Courageous Leap and should be used more or less exclusively for that purpose. Another approach is to dodge the first Courageous Leap with Bouncing Leap.png Bouncing Leap, trying to safe the EvasionPic.png Evasion for something like a Wind Slash, but that is exceptionally hard to pull of consistently and therefore not recommended for beginners. Always try to apply your Explosive Shot.png Explosive Shot on cooldown, since it keeps the warrior from using Deflection to any great effect and gives you more windows to damage them. Use Tar Blast.png Tar Blast for defensive puposes mainly in this matchup and try to stay alive. Sometimes the best way to finish a duel against a Warrior is to apply three Poison Spikes.png Poison Spikes and trying to stay alive until they did their work.

Against a Witch[]

Against a witch you want to pay special attention to your spacing. You need to be close enough to keep constant damage up, while not getting in fear range. When you're able to dodge a fear with EvasionPic.png Evasion, you are in a good spot, but this is hard to do consistently. Other good things to use EvasionPic.png Evasion for is to dodge spells like Deteriorate or Ring of Immolation. Against a well played Witch you should very rarely use

Bouncing Leap.png Bouncing Leap to interrupt, since thats mostly going to end up with you getting feared afterwards. Instead use Bouncing Leap.png Bouncing Leap to reposition yourself behind a pillar and break the line of sight to the witch whenever you are taking too much damage and/or have no EvasionPic.png Evasion up. Good way to win against a Witch is to pressure them so hard that they dont have any real time to cast their dots on you. So aggression can really win this matchup, but when you get overconfident and get caught, youre going to get punished pretty hard for it. This matchup never really plays out the same, so try how much aggression/pressure works for you. Constantly breaking line of sight to them and harassing them with Explosive Shot.png Explosive Shot and Hunting Shot.png Hunting Shot can work pretty well too.

Against a Wizard[]

Matchup against Wizard works pretty similiar to the Witch matchup, breaking line of sight to them and keeping the damage up with Explosive Shot.png Explosive Shot and Hunting Shot.png Hunting Shot is key. Use your EvasionPic.png Evasion to dodge Conjure Lightning or Glaciate and pressure afterwards. Contrary to the Witch matchup, Bouncing Leap.png Bouncing Leap is very important against mages to interrupt key skills and should be used to its full effectiveness.

After a Mage used his Teleport he has absolutely nothing to avoid any kind of huge combo from our side, so always keep that in mind and punish accordingly.