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Guardian of Nature
Ranged DPS, Support, Healer

General Description[]

Naturalist is a relentless guardian of nature. Also a child of it. Naturalists see to the healing of nature and dedicate their life to uphold the balance of the ecosystem. Gifted by the forest of the old land, they can grant their enemies a swift death or cure even the deadliest of diseases and wounds with the help of the very soil beneath their feet.

Main Class Passive[]

Will of the Forest.png Will of the Forest - You restore 1 Mana with every tick of your damage and healing over time effects.

Baseline Abilities Info[]

Liana.png Liana - Grows and grips a liana to propel yourself forward. | Cooldown: 10 seconds

Locust Swarm.png Locust Swarm - Attacks enemies, dealing 10 Poison damage instantly and causing a disease that deals 30 additional damage over 20 sec, stacking up to 10 times. | Cooldown: 3 seconds

Sleep Powder.png Sleep Powder - Puts enemies to sleep for 4 sec. They will wake up if they take more than 50 damage from any source. | Cooldown: 20 seconds

Immunotoxin Darts.png Immunotoxin Darts - Shoots a poisonous dart that deals 100 Poison damage and reduces healing taken by 50% for 3 sec. | Cooldown: 20 seconds

Resuscitate.png Resuscitate - Restores 100 health instantly and additional 100 health over 3 sec, increasing all healing taken by 30% for the duration. | Cooldown: 20 seconds | Cast time: 1 second

Venomous Armor.png Venomous Armor - Reduces damage taken by 20% and deals 40 damage over 5 sec to attackers, stacking up to 10 times. | Cooldown: 30 seconds

Living Breath.png Living Breath - Makes your damage and healing over time effects on allies and enemies in front of you tick 100% faster. | Cooldown: 0 seconds

Invigorate.png Invigorate - Restores 100 health instantly, 200 health over 10 sec and 200 additional health when the effect expires. | Cooldown: 0 seconds

Ultimate Ability[]

Overgrowth.png Overgrowth - Creates an area of overgrowth that exists for 8 sec and deals 20 damage per second. Enemies entering it for the first time will also be rooted for 3 sec. | 100% Ultimate Charge Required

Additional Cards[]

Every Class has a total of 5 Points which they can spend on the class specific cards as well as the common cards combined:

Class Specific Cards[]

Sleep Paralysis.png Sleep Paralysis - Enemies coming out from your Sleep Powder.png Sleep Powder become Weakened for 1 sec per each second they slept. | Cost: 2 Points

Tranquillising.png Tranquillising - Living Breath.png Living Breath slows down crowd control effects on the enemies. | Cost: 2 Points

Agony.png Agony - Enemies at or below 20% health receive critical damage from your poisons and deseases. | Cost: 1 Points

Bloom.png Bloom - Increases Invigorate.png Invigorate last tick healing by an additional 100%. | Cost: 1 Points

Fever.png Fever - Once Locust Swarm.png Locust Swarm reaches 10 stacks, it causes a fever, which deals 100 Poison damage over 5 sec. | Cost: 1 Points

Fortified Armor.png Fortified Armor - Increases the damage reduction effect of Venomous Armor.png Venomous Armor by an additional 10%. | Cost: 1 Points

Rampant Growth.png Rampant Growth - Increases your instant and direct healing by 50%. | Cost: 1 Points

Reviving Breath.png Reviving Breath - Living Breath.png Living Breath speeds up crowd control effects on your allies. | Cost: 1 Points

Wildchild.png Wildchild - Adds an additional charge for Liana.png Liana. | Cost: 1 Points

Common Cards (Maximum Points 5/5)[]

HP STAT CARD.png Vitality: Increases health by 10%. |Cost: 1 Point

Move speed STAT CARD.png Nimble: Increases movement speed by 10%. |Cost: 1 Point

PREP POINT CARD.png Preparation: Increases your upgrade points by 2. |Cost: 1 Point

PREP POINT CARD.png Fortune: Increases the chance of your procs by 50 percent. |Cost: 1 Point

Upgrades (2 Points Per Round)[]

Short explanation: Upgrades can only be chosen in game. You start with 2 points and get 2 points each round. You're able to put 4 points max in each upgrade. (Stalker gets 4 points at the start of the arena match because of his passive Unfair Advantage)

Clarity.png Clarity: Increases your class resource gain by 4% up to 16%.

Resolution .png Resolution: Increases your ultimate energy gain by 4% up to 16%.

Resilience card.png Resilience: Reduces crowd control duration by 4% up to 16%.

HP STAT CARD.png Adaptation: Reduces trinket cooldown by 8 seconds up to 32 seconds.

Unbreakable card.png Unbreakable: Reduces damage taken by 40 percent while below 100 health up to 400 health.

Advanced Tips[]

This section dives deeper into each baseline ability and how to properly maximize their potential and presents different example builds for different matchups.

Baseline abilities[]

What are they good for and with what should they be combined?[]

Liana.png Liana - Liana is your main mobility spell used to escape from melee attackers or to pull yourself near enemy healer to continue chain CC using Sleep Powder.png Sleep Powder ability.


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Prime Skills[]

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1. Amulet of Endurance: .
2. Runic Bandage: .
3. Amulet of Healing: .
4. Revival: .

Example Build 1[]


Example Build 2[]



Against a Cleric[]


Against a Judicator[]


Against an Outlaw[]


Against a Ranger[]


Against a Warrior[]


Against a Witch[]


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