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General Description[]

Judicator is an armoured juggernaut of all that is holy. These anonymous protectors are believed to be put on charge by god itself. Approved by the people of Crassena, they serve the law and divinity as the Judge, Jury and Executioner. They are capable of tanking, healing, supporting and dealing damage.[1]

Tank, Melee, Support
2H Blunt Weapons, Sword & Board


Judicator works off of divine energy, you start off at 0, and have a maximum of 200. Certain moves build his energy that allow him to use other moves. You want to store energy up to energy dump in order to have great burst damage. This is his greatest strength and weakness. A Judicator with max energy is tough to kill, but one without any energy is limited to less than half of their move set.

Class Skills[]

Main Class Passive[]

God's Work.jpg God's Work - You gain 1 Divine Energy per 160 health you restore to yourself or your allies.

Baseline Abilities[]

Righteous Strike.jpg Righteous Strike - Deals 200 Physical Damage and reduces the cooldown of Righteous Smash by 2 second. | Cooldown: 0 sec

Righteous Smash.jpg Righteous Smash - After a short delay, deals 400 Holy Damage to enemies in front of you. You can't move or turn while swinging. | Cooldown: 6 sec

Piercing Light.jpg Piercing Light - Fires a piercing beam of light at the aimed direction, passing through characters. Heals Judicator for 400 and his teamates for 800 health. Deals 300 Holy Damage to the enemies struck, slowing them by 40% for 4 seconds. | Cooldown: 6 sec

Holy Dash.jpg Holy Dash - Dashes up to 10 meters forward, dealing 150 Holy Damage to enemies and slowing them by 90% for 1 second. Holy Dash replaces Righteous Smash with Righteous Knockdown, removes its Divine Energy cost and makes it knockdown the enemies hit for 1 second. | Cooldown: 8 sec

  • Righteous Smash.jpg Righteous Knnockdown - After a short delay, deals 400 Holy Damage to enemies in front of you. You can't move or turn while swinging.

Sacred Lightning.jpg Sacred Lightning - Calls down a sacred lightning from the heavens to stun the centermost enemy in the target area for 3 seconds, dealing 300 Holy Damage. | Cooldown: 25 sec

Healing Light.jpg Healing Light - Heals the target and all allies close to it for 770 health. The ally with the lowest health will receive 20% additional healing. | Cooldown: 12 sec

Purification.jpg Purification - Purifies the target and all allies close to it, removing up to 3 madical debuffs and reducing the durations of poison and bleed effects by 4 seconds, restoring 5 Divine Energy for every debuff removed, or shortened. | Cooldown: 15 sec


Avatar of Divinity.jpg Avatar of Divinity - Increases your damage by 15%. Additionally whenever you reach 200 Divine Energy, your damage and movement speed increases by 30% for 10 seconds. You don't gain Divine Energy while this bonus is active.

Benevolence.jpg Benevolence - Increases Healing Light by 40% and reduces its cooldown by 4 seconds. This bonus is halved in 1v1 arena and doubled if used on allies in other game modes.

Judge-Guardian.jpg Judge-Guardian - Increases your Armor and Elemental Resistance by 5%. Allows you to body-block Elemental Damage and deals attackers 10% of the direct damage you take as Holy damage. Increases your threat generation in PvE encounters.

Miracle of God.jpg Miracle of God - Reduces the cooldown of Purification and Sacred Lightning by 5 seconds. Allies witnessing your purification or Sacred Lightning will move 15% faster and deal 15% more damage and healing for 5 seconds.

Protect the Innocent.jpg Protect the Innocent - Increases your healing by 50% and by up to 30% more depending on the target's health. The lower the health, the higher the bonus. This bonus is halved in 1v1 arena.

Swift Justic.jpg Swift of Justice - You move 10% faster and gain 30% more Divine Energy from all abilities.

Prime Skills[]

Wrath.jpg Wrathful Hand - Swing your weapon with the hand of god, dealing 500 Holy Damage to enemies in a cone towards your cursor and an additional 200 Holy Damage every 1.5 sec for 3 seconds and generating 10 divine Energy per enemy hit. | Cooldown: 5 sec

Temp.jpg Holy Tempest - Activate to become a holy tempest of justice. Spinning rapidly and dealing 250 Divine Damage per second to enemies nearby as well as shooting healing waves towards allies that heal 250 each. Judicator can use Holy Dash while spinning and is immune to slow effects during this ability. | Cooldown: 40 sec

Favor.jpg Heavens Favor - Channels a redemptive light from the heavens, healing allies inside the targeted area by 300 twice per second and granting them 20% Elemental Resistance as long as they stand within. | Cooldown: 18 sec

Avenge.jpg Avenging Flames - Calls upon sacred flames to take 20% reduced damage and reflect the reduced damage taken back at the attackers aswell as dealing 150 Divine Damage every second to enemies nearby. Usable while stunned. | Cooldown: 45 sec

Reckon.jpg Divine Reckoning - Instantly deals 500 Holy Damage to enemies within 10 meters. Increases the damage and healing of Judicator and his allies within 20 meters by 20% for 6 seconds. When Judicator dies, Divine Reckoning is automatically applied to all nearby allies. | Cooldown: 40 sec

Enigma.jpg Enigmatic Protection - Creates a barrier that surrounds Judicator and nearby allies and moves with him. Reduces Judicator's damage taken by 10% and 50% of damage taken by allies inside the barrier is transferred to Judicator. Lasts 5 seconds. | Cooldown: 35 sec

Tips and Tricks[]

The key to playing judicator lies within your ability to generate energy for powerful combo's. Judicator is melee class, but your true strengths lie in controlling fights that may or may not always be in your favor. Skills like Piercing Light, Purification, and Holy Dash are often overlooked and underutilized. If you decide to run the Miracle of God passive while playing judicator, you will want to maintain the buff as often as possible, Which will be decided on how often you decide to use purification. Holy dash is also a very good skill for closing gaps, slowing enemies, repositioning, and flat out utility. Always be wary when using it, because it does cost 20 divine energy per use, and it does have an 8 second cool down per charge. Piercing light is a hit scan penetrating heal/poke skill that is very versatile. It should always be used off of cool down, and if you know your going to be in a situation where you are severely limited on actions. This is the one skill you will want to use above all others.

Example Builds Outdated Current[]

Full Damage Judicator[]

  • Miracle of God
  • Swift Justice
  • Avatar of Divinity
  • Holy Tempest
  • Divine Reckoning
  • Avenging Flames/Wrathful Hand
  • 10 Points in Critical Effect
  • 15 Points in Vitality
  • 15 Points in Acceleration
  • Amulet of Healing is preferred but not Mandatory

The full damage Judicator build is very exceptional for 1v1, 2v2, and 3v3. As well as PvE environments with other skilled players. Focuses on having a 100% uptime on miracle of god. After reaching 200 diving energy, your avatar of divinity kicks in. Then you use sacred lightning to activate miracle of god before using divine reckoning and holy tempest. Avenging flame should be used situationally to generate energy while reflecting as much damage as possible. Wrathful hand should be used to poke enemies hp bars, and should be used off cool down.


  • Judge-Guardian
  • Swift Justice
  • Miracle of God
  • Avenging Flames
  • Enigmatic Protection
  • Wrathful Hand
  • 15 points in Acceleration
  • 15 Points in Intensity
  • 10 Points in Vitality
  • Amulet of Endurance/Revival

Pretty easy build, this build is centered around having an uptime on damage reduction. You poke from afar with piercing light, and when you are close enough land sacred lightning off of cool down and follow up with wrathful hand. The object of this build isn't for short burst wins, when classes are using dps you should be using primarily avenging flames for the 20% damage reduction as well as energy build. Should they re engage you will have enigmatic protection as well. Healing light when possible and stay in range to use wrathful hand on cool down. In 2v2 should 2 people jump on top of you, use both enigmatic and avenging flames, the damage reduction should keep you alive long enough for an ally to follow up with big dps. Same principle in 3v3.

PvE Judicator[]

  • Enigmatic Protection
  • Heaven's Favor
  • Divine Reckoning
  • Judge-Guardian
  • Swift Justice
  • Miracle of God
  • 15 Points in Vitality
  • 10 Points in Intensity
  • 15 Points in Acceleration
  • Runic Bandage

The PvE Judicator build is only suggested to be used in pve scenarios. The Prime skills as well as the masteries help you maintain as much energy as possible, while having supportive skills for allies. It can be used for PvP but will not have the same impact as the Full damage Judicator without a lot of practice.


  • Benevolence.jpg Benevolence
  • Protect the Innocent.jpg Protect the innocent
  • Swift Justic.jpg Swift Justice
  • Favor.jpg Heaven's Favor
  • Reckon.jpg Divine Reckoning
  • Temp.jpg Holy Tempest
  • 15 Points in Vitality
  • 10 Points in Intensity
  • 15 Points in Acceleration
  • Revival Perk

The healicator is a universal healing build for any judicator that wants to be a cleric while controlling a large hulkified body. The passives allow you to maximize healing output without having to rely on whether another passive is active like miracle of god, or avatar of divinity. It also includes heaven's favor and holy tempest which are very impactful skills capable of turning any fight from a losing fight to a winning fight.

Matchups (Easy, Medium, Hard)[]


  • Ranged match ups will always be a bit challenging due to how close judicators have to be to have full effectiveness. The mastery time anomaly also makes it very hard to get in range of a wizard, best plan is to always force them to stagger their cool downs as much as possible and then all in. Staggering their cool downs prevents them from doing massive amounts of damage in small combo rotations.


  • Ranged Matchups will always be tough for judicator, staying in melee range is the best way to beat this class. Do not let them open up distances between you for free. If you see a ranger try to leap away, follow up with lightning. Do your best to fake out the evasion by canceling your cast before it completes. Works well with avoiding bouncing leap as well.


  • Semi-hard matchup, outlaws do a lot of upfront burst damage after their initial stun, you will always survive it, but must be able to bait out their roll and juke the knee rush otherwise the class itself will completely overshadow you. Once you have baited those out, drop sacred lightning, use divine reckoning, and then use holy tempest to heal yourself while dealing heavy damage to your opponent.


  • Offensive capabilities are subpar compared to a judicator, healing is a lot more consistent. Very capable of killing judicator, interrupt healing as much as possible, always pressure. Save CC for large chain interrupt combos.


  • Not as easy of a match up as it once was, it is impossible to kill them in 1 all in, you need to bait out forbidden circle, and then drop the DPS combo on them. Deny them orbs, and constantly heal while chipping as much damage as possible. Always purge after 3 or more debuffs, if you play it right you will be able to kill them on the second dps combo. If you mess up a decent witch will kill you before then.


  • Skill based match-up warrior is a Damage dealing class that thrives in close combat, judicator is a hybrid healer/offensive support that also plays well in close combat. In terms of offensive dps warrior will always be better, to win against warrior requires a lot of mid range kiting and dodging. Skills like courageous leap are skills that must be avoided at all times, the interrupts a lot of your abilities. Blade weave is also very punishing on judicator's because the only way that a judicator can dispel a slow is with holy tempest. Meaning it will be impossible to kite a warrior who has blade weave stacked on you.









Dragon Knight[]

Hall of Apex[]

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