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Diminishing returns (DR) is one of the core mechanic of Zeal's Combat. In short, it decreases the effectiveness of a crowd control skill if they are used frequently on the same target within a set period of time. This allows for more fluid gameplay, as using crowd control skills at the right time will have a more meaningful impact than using them frequently.

These are the categories of crowd controls: Incapacitate Blind Fear Stun Silence Root "Add any other"

Every target starts at full vulnerability to crowd control, as it gets controlled again by the same skill/category the target becomes more resistant to it which decreases the duration/effectiveness of the control. DRs are tracked and refreshed over a 30 seconds duration. This means if you use the same skill/category of crowd control on the same target within 30 seconds you have DR, and if you wait more than 30 seconds you have the full effect on your target. Managing your DR for the right situations greatly improves your chances of emerging victorious from a skirmish.